Corporate Innovation

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Corporate Innovation

Anticipating what consumers will want — and don’t even know they want until they see it — has been part of the Company's DNA from the start. Mrs. Estée Lauder believed you should never underestimate a person’s desire to be beautiful. She vigilantly pursued the development of new concepts and the creation of formulas to delight consumers and to help them express their own beauty. Our founder’s drive for creativity and innovation remains an inspiration throughout the organization.

From Insight to Action

Corporate Innovation taps into our creativity to define new consumer territories. We are inspired by our Brand Presidents' creative vision, and by our Brand Product Development leaders. We also look at where society is going in different geographies and countries, and at science and technology breakthroughs anywhere in the world, to create innovation platforms and concepts that fuel our brands.

Inside the Company there is a vast network of talent — in creative roles, on our regional teams, in our labs — that contributes to the collective innovation agenda for the enterprise. The internal genius of our global talent — their industry expertise, institutional knowledge and passion for beauty — is a great resource.

How We Work

Corporate Innovation is a globally connected and networked team. Part of the larger R&D organization, we work in lockstep with Research and Development, Brand Product Development and Packaging Innovation to identify and tackle the biggest upstream conceptual, technology and benefit spaces and enable the development of new breakthrough external alliances and partnerships.

We provide the broader organization with strategy development, globally and locally relevant consumer insights and innovation portfolio management. Corporate Innovation also drives business model innovation including digital technology and new consumer experiences.

The Company enjoys exclusive partnerships with universities, alliances with suppliers, partnerships across industries and ventures with entrepreneurs — all of which aid in our inexorable mission to broaden our innovation horizons.

Due to our long-standing and unmatched reputation for innovation, the Company has become a magnet for smaller prestige brands and technology entrepreneurs who are looking for a house that will respect their unique identity, creativity and ingenuity, helping them make their ideas bigger. We give our new brands the resources, tools and capabilities they need to grow sustainably, and we work to maintain each brand's identity, heritage and philosophy. Joining the family means gaining access to the proverbial “room” where creativity and innovation prosper.

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The Estée Lauder Companies' Corporate Innovation

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