Learning & Development

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Learning & Development

Since the founding of the Company 70 years ago, we have prided ourselves in being a learning organization, sharing insights across the world — from our counters at retail to our executive offices and beyond. This commitment to education and to building the next generation of leaders is deeply rooted in our values and culture.

“We want employees to feel like they have permission to push the envelope and think differently, because we constantly reinvent ourselves, and innovation comes from every chair,” says William P. Lauder, Executive Chairman.

From our newest employees to our most seasoned executives, we focus on creating a workplace that encourages continuous learning and development. This is critical to our abilities to create trends, anticipate changes and swiftly adapt to the shifting needs and demands of our global business. This strong focus on learning helps ensure that we build the next generation of leaders for our Company.

ELC Assignments

The changing dynamics of the prestige beauty business require that we offer cutting edge opportunities and new experiences to help our talent develop and grow professionally and personally. ELC Assignments, launched in the U.S. and rolling out globally, is a program that provides employees with active development experiences and the chance to work on business-critical projects that drive growth.

The program empowers employees to identify new learning opportunities in different areas of the business, helping them build new skills, feel inspired and challenged, and create a meaningful career at The Estée Lauder Companies.

ELC Assignments include:

  • Short-Term projects driven by business needs that also provide learning opportunities
  • Stretch projects that are generally up to a few hours per week in addition to current role
  • Job Swaps between two employees for a short duration
  • Job Shares to provide flexibility while ensuring business continuity

Employees working 

Cultivating Excellence

Our many talented people across the organization bring valuable expertise and innovative ideas to lead beauty forward. As new trends shape the future of work, we are evolving learning through the sharing of best practices, experiential development and mentorship. We are creating more inclusive and multifunctional teams at all levels, so great minds come together to generate greater results. We are developing centers of excellence across our disciplines and geographies to push us to imagine and innovate in all that we do.

The culture here is welcoming and nurturing. It seeks those who believe “good enough is not enough” and it encourages the development of their careers.


Research & Development

We are committed to building world class brands by continuously developing our talent. More than 9,000 employees participate in learning opportunities offered each year, and even more have access to tools and resources that can enhance their knowledge and experience. Our signature executive education programs stimulate professional growth and cultivate business relationships across our global enterprise.

One of these events, The Estée Lauder Companies at Bryn Mawr, is attended annually by more than 150 global executives. Participants in this world-class program are challenged to grow professionally and personally with a focus on brand equity, innovation, negotiation, strategic thinking and decision making. Held at the Bryn Mawr College campus in Pennsylvania, the event brings together instructors and presenters from top educational institutions. The program was created by Mr. Leonard A. Lauder and has been offered every summer for more than 25 years.

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The Estée Lauder Companies' Learning & Development

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