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Our culture is often described as a rare mix of family values with a high-performing public company. The beauty of this blend is our long-term focus on sustainable growth and a respectful, inclusive and collaborative workplace with a strong drive to win.

"A company can have great financial results and great brands—all of that is necessary. But to get there, you need a soul. And I think that differentiates us from many other businesses," says Greg Polcer, Executive Vice President, Global Supply Chain.

One Fitzroy

Here are few distinctive characteristics of our culture:

  • Compassion. We were founded by a family with a warm, caring spirit — which permeates all facets of the organization. We embrace the belief that we must treat others as we would like to be treated.
  • Excellence. Our employees are passionate about beauty and committed to excellence. Only the best ingredients, processes, packaging and service can deliver the best performance.
  • Creativity, Innovation. We believe in inventing the unexpected, in creating new products and experiences for the consumer. Creativity is nurtured in all functions, at all levels. Innovation and entrepreneurship fuel our cultural spirit.
  • Diverse and Inclusive. Diversity is all the human characteristics that make us who we are and fuel our perspectives, behaviors and ideas. Inclusion is the environment we create in which these differences are recognized, valued and respected.
  • Respect for Others and for the Environment. We believe beauty is about enhancing people’s lives while acting responsibly and ethically — caring for our employees and for the environment, respecting our partners and being a positive influence in every community we serve.
  • Learning. We focus on creating a workplace that encourages continuous learning and professional growth at all levels — to fortify our ability to create trends, anticipate changes and swiftly adapt to the shifting needs and demands of our global business.

Leadership From Every Chair

The kindness, caring and respect shown to employees underscores our belief that people are our greatest strength. To achieve and maintain excellence and to deliver superior experiences to our consumers requires “leadership from every chair,” from every employee in the organization.

Each person is empowered to lead, regardless of their role or level, or when they joined the company. This form of leadership is a great source of personal and professional development and a catalyst for employee engagement.

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The Estée Lauder Companies' Culture

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