Our Business of Beauty

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Our Business of Beauty

Prestige beauty is an exciting, competitive and dynamic industry, and we are at the forefront — leading the way with a portfolio of 25+ exceptional brands.

We are the only company focused solely on prestige skin care, makeup, fragrance and hair care. Our employees are committed to bringing the very best to consumers we touch in 150 countries — helping millions of people express their individual beauty with innovative products and experiences.

  • $13.68 billionNet sales
  • 25+Prestige brands
  • 46,000Employees
  • 150Countries and Territories

SOURCE: The Estée Lauder Companies, June 2018

From the millennial generation, to the Ageless consumer, to women in emerging markets — shifting demographics are reshaping the prestige beauty landscape. Increased spending power, new shopping habits and preferences, and greater digital and social media engagement are having a profound impact on how we do business.

How are we adapting and modernizing to lead in the global economy?

Flexing Our Strategy

We identify fast-growing areas of opportunity across categories, geographies and channels of distribution and nimbly shift resources as needed.

Managing Complexities

The creative and business acumen of our corporate and brand teams is fueled by expertise across a broad range of disciplines — design, finance, manufacturing, marketing, retail, science, technology.

Thinking Globally

With a focus on cultural relevance we ensure that our products, brand messaging and shopping experiences reflect the desires of consumers wherever they are in the world.

Inventing Locally

We are plugged in where innovation is happening — in places like California, Korea, New York and Paris. With scientists, engineers and product developers in key regions, we benefit from fresh ideas and varied approaches.

Connecting Digitally

The consumer is at the center of the retail journey, and we are providing a seamless experience across multiple channels — from blogs and social platforms to in-store, online and mobile.

Acting Responsibly

We care for people and the environment and act ethically and responsibly in all our business practices. We aspire to foster our heritage of respect and be a positive influence in every community we serve.

We recognize the diversity of the world we live in, and we understand the need to celebrate beauty, not standardize it.

Fabrizio Freda

President & CEO

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The Estée Lauder Companies' Our Business of Beauty

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