Partners in Innovation

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Partners in Innovation

In a world of accelerating change, evolving consumer demands and constant interconnected communication, we need to work even more closely with our suppliers to innovate for the future.

Together we should be trying to see the invisible and think up the impossible.

Fabrizio Freda

President & CEO

Joint Value Creation Principles

We have a long-standing history of creating innovation together with our suppliers. More recently, we have been working to develop deeper ways to work together for the long term. Our objective is to create mutual value and growth opportunities by establishing more integrated partnerships focused on innovation, speed to market, agility, cost and overall operational excellence.

We are building a new foundation for joint-value-creation innovation. Working with strategic suppliers aligned with us on a values standpoint, we are looking to begin collaborating early in the development process, allowing us to learn and grow together while co-creating best-in-class prestige beauty.

The Excitement of Innovation

Our innovation pipeline is robust across our brands, channels and regions. We are focused on creating new “white space” products, and identifying opportunities to reach new and fast-growing consumer segments — from Millennials to women in emerging markets. Our intent is to fuel our growth by expanding into new categories and markets, and creating new-to-the world concepts, technologies and packages — while continuing to drive loyalty from existing consumers through product innovation.


Partnerships are crucial to our success. Our growth opportunities can be shared with suppliers who allocate the resources to deliver innovation, establish best-in-class agility and commit to superior execution. We want to inspire you to work with us, bringing your best ideas to The Estée Lauder Companies. Our greatest innovations have come when our strategic suppliers work with us side by side, generating concepts that grow our businesses, creating value for both of our organizations. The opportunities for joint value creation are exciting and plentiful.

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The Estée Lauder Companies' Partners in Innovation

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