Working Together

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Working Together

The core of our company is built on relationships. Our founders, Estée and Joseph Lauder, cared deeply about cultivating and maintaining strong relationships with suppliers – what they often referred to as “friendships.” As a family company, that tradition — and many of those early relationships — continue to this day.

“We have cultivated trusting partnerships along with high standards for product quality and social and environmental performance," says Greg Polcer, Executive Vice President, Global Supply Chain. "With our suppliers, we have created a platform to deliver best-in-class products that raise the bar and set the industry standard in prestige beauty.”

With our suppliers, we raise the bar and set the industry standard in prestige beauty.

Greg Polcer

Executive Vice President, Global Supply Chain

In today’s complex global economy, having the right relationships fuels our success. Three qualities that are essential for successful relationships with The Estée Lauder Companies are:

  1. Respect — we must genuinely value each other’s knowledge, experience, and skill set, while admiring each other’s accomplishments.
  2. Trust — earned through a succession of good experiences.
  3. Commitment — in our case, commitment to our business’s strategic vision and dedication to innovating together.

General Information

Our Global Supplier Relations (GSR) team manages our vast network of suppliers who provide the materials, goods and services we need to craft superior products, and offer High-Touch services and experiences to our customers and consumers. This team also oversees relationships with those who supply products and services to our offices and other facilities around the world.

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The Estée Lauder Companies' Working Together

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