Employee Well-Being

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Employee Well-Being

Employees at The Estée Lauder Companies are part of a global family that is caring, compassionate and committed to their success. We strive to support our employees by building an inclusive and diverse culture, by empowering them through personal and professional development opportunities and by ensuring their health and safety in the workplace.

Inclusion and Diversity

We value diversity of thought and people. To be the best in our industry, we welcome each person’s unique strengths and talents, regardless of geography, age, culture, race/ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion or physical ability.

Tom Ford Counter Korea

With consumers in 150 countries, it is essential that we continue to have a diverse workforce that understands local relevance and the changing beauty needs of all our global consumers.

Learning and Development

We encourage our people to create, to innovate, to be entrepreneurial — and to provide leadership from every chair. We offer continuous learning opportunities — identifying and harnessing the strengths of our workforce and unleashing their potential for growth. Our commitment to talent development includes mobility of employees across brands, geographies and functions.

From our newest employees to our most seasoned executives, we focus on creating a workplace that encourages continuous learning and development. This commitment to education, to fostering creativity and innovation, and to building the next generation of leaders is deeply rooted in our values and culture.

"Ours is a family culture," says Cedric Prouvé, Group President, International. "There is an extraordinary level of humanity in the way we interact with each other, and this makes us a very special company. We behave with others as we behave with our own family.”

There is an extraordinary level of humanity in the way we interact with each other.

Cedric Prouvé

Group President, International

Performance development is a corporate-wide effort encompassing all office-based employees across brands, regions and functions — allowing the organization to nurture, develop and reward our talented people. Employees and managers set goals, have ongoing coaching conversations and review performance at the end of each year. Through this process, employees are also encouraged to identify and pursue on-the-job learning opportunities.

Health and Safety

We are committed to providing a world-class safe and healthy workplace for our employees by promoting safety best practices across our operations. Our Environmental and Safety Policy establishes the standard we require of workplaces across the organization, and our Global Environmental Affairs and Safety management team ensures its implementation throughout our global supply chain factories and distribution centers.

Employees in Melville

Key efforts have included the roll-out of personal protective equipment (PPE) minimum standards and behavior-based safety (BBS) programs across all company-owned manufacturing and distribution facilities around the globe.

In all locations, efforts around health and safety education are a priority throughout the year. Our wellness programs include information on health checkups, smoking cessation programs, influenza vaccinations, mammograms and fitness and weight-loss programs.

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The Estée Lauder Companies' Employee Well-Being

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