Governance Principles

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Governance Principles

Governance Guidelines

The Corporate Governance Guidelines are corporate governance practices developed by the Board to help it fulfill its responsibility to stockholders to provide general direction and oversight of the management of the Company’s business affairs.
Corporate Governance Guidelines (PDF)

Committee Charters

The Board of Directors has established the following standing committees — the Audit Committee, the Compensation Committee (which includes the Stock Plan Subcommittee), and the Nominating and Board Affairs Committee.
Audit Committee Charter (PDF)
Compensation Committee Charter (PDF)
Nominating and Board Affairs Committee Charter (PDF)

Code of Conduct

The Estée Lauder Companies is committed to the highest standards of professional and personal conduct. All employees of the Company are expected to conduct themselves at all times within the letter and the spirit of the Code. The Code of Conduct applies to all employees of the Company throughout the world and to the members of the Board of Directors.
Code of Conduct (PDF)

Code of Conduct Waivers

Any request for a waiver from any provision of the Code of Conduct by or on behalf of an executive officer or senior financial officer or member of the Board of Directors of the Company must be reviewed by the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors, or such other Committee as determined by the Board. Any such waivers that have been granted by the Audit Committee (or other Board-designated Committee) are set forth below:

Currently, no waivers have been granted.

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The Estée Lauder Companies' Governance Principles

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